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Care More, Bare More with Carebare Naturals : Restore Serum + Velvet Cream Review

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Carebare Naturals is a local indie skincare and makeup brand from Manila. They aim to "make people feel better about themselves and feel naturally beautiful." I know I'm beautiful (haha), but I've been wanting to shift to a cleaner, minimalist routine; so, I guess this is a good start.


with Rose Water + Vitamin C Serum

CERTIFIED VEGAN, the Restore serum is described as "Your Daily Facial Serum" that claims younger-looking and refreshed skin with the help of rose.

This clear, gel-based serum feels extra light, almost like water, on the skin. It's fast-absorbing, cutting my skincare time shorter. Though the label says it's best to use night time, I prefer using it as a pick-me-up during the day because of its cool, minty scent and feel.

It's key ingredient, Rose water, is known for its hydrating properties. It keeps the skin's moisture barrier intact - it can lock in moisture, improve elasticity, and fight off external stressors. It's also anti-inflammatory that can help reduce skin irritation.

Their unique blend of skin whitening ingredients, called Claire Blanche, combines the benefits of glutathione, tyrosine, kojic, and arbutin (yasss for skin discoloration), extracted from floral extracts.

I also love its simple, minimalist GLASS packaging. It actually gives a premium vibe for a price of just P320 (30ml).


Available in 4 shades, I was only able to try the Bare Bohemian which looks like shades of Terra Cotta or Orange-Brown on my skin. The rest were out of stock! I love that it's highly-pigmented and easy-to-blend. This paraben-free multi-use cream sells at P120 (4ml).

It stayed well on my cheeks and lids after hours of wear. I have a combo skin type with wild oily areas lately, but this product held on to my skin really well.

However as a lip product, it's not transfer-proof and may take time to dry. So, I don't think layering will be a good idea.

I see a lot of Dimethicones in the ingredients list. So, what is Dimethicone? It is actually widely-used in the beauty industry. It's some form of silicone that makes products silky. It also help fill in pores (like in makeup primers). According to google, it's absolutely safe.

Here's how it looks on me.

Bare face, with drawn eyebrows and the Bare Bohemian Velvet Cream.

Visit Carebare Naturals on Instagram to purchase.

Making Beauty Move,

AGE 30s | SKIN TYPE Combination | SKIN TONE Light Warm

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