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Royal Engagement: Run + Eat = Love

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Engagement shoots can cost a bit, especially  if you’re planning to have three! – so, that makes it tiring too. Gladly, our photographer / best man (really THE BEST), Joppet Tan, was really game for it!


King loves to run. He is the “King of the road”. I kinda don’t. When I met King, everything changed. I was a bit challenged to put running back into my system. My best time so far: 45 mins (for 5k). I know that’s weak for some. But for me, that’s huge 😀


This is what I look forward to after every run. A friend once mentioned that there’s an hour window to eat after working out since your body will still burn food fast. I really don’t know if it’s true. But anyway, King and I enjoy eating a lot! Our all-time fave, steak!


Love is what we feel and what we literally call each other. For the third part of our shoot, we opted to do our wedding theme, Chess.  He is my King and I am his Queen! Nuks. We had the shoot at Pan De Amerikana; which is free btw if you have no lighting equipments required. They boast of a 25″ (tall) garden chess set and cool backdrop pillars. The food was great and cheap too.

About Joppet Tan:

Joppet Tan is King’s batchmate in EN School of World Missions. He’s a Campus Missionary from Victory General Santos (Gen San) and a member of Litratista , a team of photographers based in Gen San.

Shoot Locations:

La Mesa Eco Park.

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