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Minimal-ish Christmas

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Christmas, the most wonderful and hectic time of the year! But here's how we're managing the Christmas stress so far.

Christmas is ALL ABOUT JESUS. Gifts, and merry-makings are all but bonuses. So, having a minimalist Christmas teaches us to focus on the real meaning of Christmas, and be simply grateful for what Jesus has done for us.


My family just started doing this tradition this 2020. "Coming" in Latin, Advent celebrates the anticipation of the arrival of Jesus into the world. It is celebrated four Sundays before Christmas Day. Though some prefer counting down everyday - because why not. It is, for me, the best way to teach and remind everyone the true meaning of Christmas which is the gospel or good news that Jesus came to earth to live among us, and died in our place to save and forgive us from our sins.

I was amazed on how our little boy responded to this new tradition. He read and understood each story really well, and encouraged everyone to participate. Btw, I got the Christmas-scented candles from soyphisticated candles, and I love that they match our minimalist nordic theme.

Christmas Tree

I've read somewhere that decors and minimalism don't go together. But for me, you can still enjoy decorating. Just keep them at minimum.

This year, though we moved to a bigger space, I decided to fight the urge of filling our space with Christmas froufrous. Instead, I focused on our gratitude tree.

Every year, we collect tree ornaments that represent our year's highlights. They're mostly souvenirs from travels, and items we wore (pins, head piece, etc.) during memorable events. Some were intentionally made or bought, or given; like the wooden name ornaments given to us by Island Woods PH to represent this year. Each ornament has a story that reminds us of God's unwavering faithfulness in our lives.


Gift-giving is a confusing topic. I know that it's the thought that counts, and yet I don't want our gifts to end as junks. So as a rule, I only give something that I personally use or love. But to save some shopping trips (which was actually limited to begin with during the pandemic), we decided to give out practical gifts like personal care products and FOOD. Yeah, everybody loves food!

For friends and relatives that we're able to meet, we gave out BakeKingPH cookies, a small business we started during the lockdown.

But PS: For the kids, remember Ninongs and Ninangs, your inaanaks are not minimalists. So, giving nice tangible things, ehem toys, that may be kalat for us, can be something that they would appreciate more.

Christmas is meant to bring joy. And, there's something you can do to remove those unnecessary stress. You just need JESUS, and the people you love dear to celebrate this season. Enjoying an ensaïmada over a cup of hot chocolate on Christmas Morning would be nice too. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Do leave your favorite Christmas tips in the comments.

King, Nica, Prince (7), and Princess Mia

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